Michaël Borremans | Contour09

Formally and thematically, Borremans’ films are very closely tied to the paintings and drawings for which he has become known. His most recent film centres around two identical female figures that inhabit a dark, confined space. A bizarre episode unfolds where one woman holds the torso of a life size mannequin with exactly the same features as her own, and slowly moves and rotates the torso on top of a horizontal surface building up a sense of subdued suspense and latent threat. In a claustrophobic, oppressive space Borremans creates a hypnotic atmosphere that is permeated by a sense of unease and the uncanny.

Para quem desconhece, Contour é uma bienal na Bélgica, que dura dois meses (de Agosto a Outubro), dedicada à arte da imagem em movimento.

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