JESPER JUST / JORGE MOLDER | opening | CAMJAP - Lisboa, PT | 9oct, 6pm

Jesper Just, A Room of One's Own, 2008
9 October 2009 to 18 January 2010
Comissariado: Elisabeth Hansen
Temporary Exhibition Room of the CAM
A Danish artist who is known internationally for his video work, Jesper Just is presenting his first solo exhibition in Portugal. The exhibition will include unpublished work by the artist that was filmed in Detroit in 2009, and a video installation comprising three films that are thematically related. In addition to this trilogy, Just’s first work, No Man Is an Island, 2002, and This Love Is Silent, 2003, will also be exhibited. This exhibition celebrates the opening of the Temps d’Images Festival and is organised in collaboration with Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.
Jorge Molder, da série: A interpretação dos sonhos, 2009
9 October 2009 to 27 December 2009
Comissariado: Leonor Nazaré
Central Building, floor 01
In early 2009, Jorge Molder gave two series of photographs to the Modern Art Centre: O Pequeno Mundo, 2000, and Não tem que me contar seja o que for, 2006-2007. In this solo exhibition, a third recent and unpublished series, A interpretação dos sonhos, from which the exhibition takes its title, will be shown alongside these two. This exhibition is co-produced by the CAM and by the Calouste Gulbenkian Cultural Centre in Paris.

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