Fingerboy | live concert | Bacalhoeiros - Lisboa, PT | october7, 10pm

It was around 2002 when he first heard the '97 Hard Normal Daddy (WARP MC50) album by Squarepusher and he realized that the future of music was going to be amazing.Having come from a more traditional musical background, growing up listening to jazz and classical music influenced by his father, who is a music teacher, he then became convinced that electronic music had just as much depth as any other instrument or ensemble, if not more so. At this time he was starting to play guitar with some friends in a metal/hardcore band, Synead, and lived through 5 years of concerts and mayhem, while he simultaneously started magicking his music on a PC. using primarily Propellerhead's Reason 1.0 and later versions. After acquiring many appliances, acquaintances, instruments, talents and techniques, he has come to recognize his work as a satisfying project that he hopes to pursue for the rest of his life. As of 2009, he is now active in a few other projects, such as Le Dernier Combat, Keso Original Marginal and La Resinance.

ONE MAN SHOW: Jack Nash (10 Fingers, Washburn WI24, Epiphone MB250, Peavy Bandit 112, Yamaha DX27, SHS-10 and PSS-20, Casio SK-5, Edirol PCR-500, Personal Computer)

Find more and listen here: www.myspace.com/fingerboi
BACALHOEIRO COOLectivo COOLtural Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 125 LISBOA | tel. 21 886 48 91

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