Athens Tourism | video advertising | with "Krazybubbler Emil" directed by Living Projects and SamuelChristopher

Communications agency Living Projects has created a two-minute film to promote the Greek captial city Athens.

Commissioned by Breathtaking Athens - a new promotional initiative for the city run by the Athens Tourism and Economic Development Company - the film sidesteps the tired tourism clichés of showing young beautiful families blithely frolicking (in slo-mo) around sun-drenched landmarks or sandy beaches. Instead it takes a decidedly more poetic approach, showing as it does an impressively large bubble floating gently in dozens of tranquil looking locations in and around the city:

Real bubbles were created for the six day shoot by "bubble magician" Krazybubbler Emil l and the film was directed by Living Projects and SamuelChristopher.

The film will live online with the hope that it functions virally as a campaign that attracts visitors to the city.

This is the second attempt at reinventing tourism ads we've seen recently, following Yvan Attal's Kisses From Paris film for the Paris tourist board

Which is all a welcome change from this

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