International Year of Astronomy | Simon Page's posters

Starting out as a self-initiated project, Simon Page's posters for the International Year of Astronomy 09 ended up being used by the organisation and are now available to buy as prints.
Page is a self-taught UK-based graphic designer with a particular interest in geometric patterns and shapes, which may stem from his degree in Applied Mathematics. But mathematics' loss is certainly design's gain, as Page has been creating some great work over the last couple of years.


Claudia said...

extremely nice. reminds me of these tv posters by
albert exergian.

rita barracha said...

hi claudia! wow, i really like your blog :) so thanks for your comment, now i'll follow you.
i saw albert link you posted and yes, it reminds these, and a bit as Alan Clark's Olympic posters proposal
for London 2012 here: www.alanclarkegraphics.com


Claudia said...

oh your right i see the similarity, in every case, very few elements to get across the message. that's nice, i will follow your blog as well.