The Do Hit Chair by Marijn van der Poll | design

do hit chair

For DesignCrave’s final post of 2009, we turn to the impressive Do hit chair by Marijn van der Poll. Taking the concept of customizable furniture to a stylish, and rather intense, new level, just grab the sledgehammer – oh yeah, it’s included! – and start bashing the metal box into whatever shape you desire. After a few minutes (or hours) of creative hammering, you now have quite an interesting piece of custom made, interactive furniture.
Built with 1.25 mm of stainless steel, the Do hit chair is not cheap; $6718 for a pre-hammered chair and $5924 for a non-hammered steel cube. Wow, that price would make anyone want to bash in a few steel chairs. Still, the Do hit chair does achieve that art-meets-design-meets-stress relief balance many of us strive for when furniture shopping. But the idea of smashing the hell out of a metal cube to achieve a personal design preference is something we’ll happily toast to as we ring in the New Year. Happy New Year! See ya in 2010.


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